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InOut TV launches Butaca TV

March 5, 2008

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The technology company InOut TV has launched Butaca TV, a kind of a VoD service that will allow Spanish viewers to hire up to 10 latest-released TV movies through DTT by sending a SMS message.

Equipped with a PVR device and with access to DTT, viewers will be able to watch their favourite films for E2.5 and E3.5 (the latest-released movies) each. To enjoy the service, users will have to send a SMS to receive the videos directly to their PVR. Butaca TV will also distribute TV trailers and podcast videos (among them some from YouTube) for free.

“If you make it easy (the downloading of films), they (users) will prefer it rather than to have to learn a lot of computing to download videos with a poor quality”, said the CEO of the company, Eudald Domenech.

InOut TV hopes that the service may boost the development of PVRs in Spain where currently there are 50,000 different models in the market. While, according to the company, in the USA 1 out 4 households use them, in Europe the penetration is around 11 per cent with Spain, Italy and France only representing 2 per cent.

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