Advanced Television

‘Mobile Video’ increasingly Includes ‘Internet Video’

August 7, 2008

In-Stat identified two potential models for mobile TV viewing: ';waiting room' and ';leisure time' with very different requirements. David Chamberlain, In-Stat analyst, suggests that personal devices such as cellphones and personal media players are preferred for the waiting room scenario. However, if there is more time available, survey respondents preferred larger screens on products such mobile Internet devices or ultra-mobile PCs

Other findings in In-Stat's ';US Consumers Weigh In On Mobile Video Content Choices' report indicate that mobile operators offering both 3G and out-of-band video content (such as MediaFLO, DVB-H or 1-Seg) have the near-term advantage fulfilling both leisure time and waiting room usage models; over half of the respondents to an In-Stat US consumer survey reported watching Internet video in the previous 30 days; there is a strong preference for full-length shows rather than selected highlights tailored for mobile viewing. Finally, US survey respondents prefer monthly subscription fees to the purchase of video devices

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