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TiVo on PC

September 29, 2008

Nero, the German software developer will bring Tivo to the PC with its new Liquid TV package. The software turns a standard PC running Windows or Vista into a full-service TiVo PVR, with the same interface and programme guide as a regular TiVo box.The Nero LiquidTV-TiVo PC kit includes the software as well as an original TiVo remote control and a USB-based TV tuner from Hauppauge to receive over-the-air or cable programming. The complete set costs $199, but there will also be a software-only version available for $99. Both packages include a year's subscription to the TiVo EPG service.Nero LiquidTV-TiVo PC lets viewers watch and pause live TV on their desktop, record their favourite shows directly to their hard drive, transfer shows between computers and existing TiVo DVRs in the home, burn recordings to DVD, or export them to portable devices like an Apple iPod or Sony PlayStation Portable…………….

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