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UPC: viewers want zoom…

January 29, 2009

The latest UPC viewer survey says many have trouble reading text on TV and a zoom facility would be useful.

The fifth annual UPC Television Survey, conducted in 11 European countries, focussed on

accessibility. The main issues of Europeans regarding visibility of texts on the TV screen are related to the contrast between screen text (31%), too small text on the screen (29%) and too small teletext letters (18%). Despite this clear need, only a small percentage of the respondents currently uses existing services. For example, although widely available, over half (57%) of Europeans say they never use subtitling through teletext, and 32% only uses it occasionally.

In line with this demand, there is a clear interest in services that increase the ease of use of the

television and viewing experience. Asked for TV services that improve accessibility, the most wanted

services by Europeans, if available, are:

1. Zoom function (seen as valuable by 43% of the respondents)

2. Subtitle adjustment: letter-size and or colour (38%)

3. Choice of dubbing for every program (27%)

4. Voice recognition (25%)

5. Choice of subtitling for every program (24%)

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