Advanced Television

Television viewing increasingly fragmented

April 22, 2009

Consumers are increasingly watching television content on multiple platforms, contributing to the fragmentation of the traditional viewing experience, according to findings from Accenture's second annual Global Broadcast Consumer Survey. Although the consumption of broadcast television content continues to grow, viewers are adapting quickly to new choices that change how, when and where they watch programming.

Accenture conducted its survey of nearly 14,000 consumers across 13 countries to assess how people in different markets view and respond to broadcast content and how they are adapting to new content delivery methods and platforms.

Among the study's most significant findings.

– Viewing of all content including television is growing across all platforms;

– Consumers indicate a willingness to pay favouring subscription services.

"Consumers are making choices based on what they've tried, liked and rejected and are now selecting content and its delivery platforms," said David Wolf, a senior executive with Accenture's Media & Entertainment practice. "If today's content services don't meet consumer expectations, it will be that much harder for providers to sell to them later, even when services improve. Providers face an urgent need to capture consumer loyalty now – and respond to changing consumption habits – or face playing catch-up against other content delivery choices."

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