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Netflix: More streaming deals coming

April 28, 2009

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said to expect more Internet streaming deals to come from the movie rental company – both for content and for gadgets that help play back streaming videos onto TVs.

In terms of content, Hastings said the company would continue to invest in new movies and TV series, especially via deals with cable and broadcast networks. And he said that the company had a “tremendous amount” of consumer electronics deals on the way. The company is working with everyone you’d expect, he said. "Netflix streaming is currently available on PCs and Macs, Microsoft Xbox 360s, Samsung and LG Blu-ray players, Roku players, TiVo DVRs, Vizio TVs, etc. We expect an edition for Yahoo’s TV widget platform later this year. We’d also like to see it on the Nintendo Wii and/or Sony PS3, but it’s currently exclusive to the Xbox," commented Hastings.

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