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Widevine, Qtv enable Internet video on PS2 and mobiles

February 4, 2010

Widevine and Qtv have announced that they will partner to bring Widevine's video optimisation and multiplatform Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to the Qtv Internet TV Media Player for the television, mobile phone and personal computer.

The Qtv Internet TV Media Player gives consumers the unique ability to access and play both personal and Internet-based content from their TV, mobile phone and computer. When it is released in the next few months, it will have the largest installed base of supported devices of any media player. Qtv leverages the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2), the world's most popular game console, as a TV set-top box. A PS2 is already connected to the TV in over 40 million US households and over 140 million households worldwide. The Qtv media player also supports over 1,100 models of mobile phones and most computer operating systems, with support expanding to new networked TV devices and mobile phones.

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