Advanced Television

STMicroelectronics arms pay-TV against piracy

March 12, 2010

STMicroelectronics is sampling the first STB System-on-Chip devices featuring advanced CryptoFirewall security helping to prevent hacking of pay-TV broadcast signals and enable faster, lower-cost development of new set-top box products.

The CryptoFirewall security core developed by Cryptography Research, and now integrated in ST's set-top box ICs, features dedicated tamper-proof and emulation-resistant hardware designed to work with the STB's conditional access system. CryptoFirewall has been developed specifically to meet the pay-TV industry's needs, is already deployed in over 75 million devices, and has achieved an unblemished security record. It is suitable for satellite, cable and emerging IP-based pay-TV services, and is compatible with pay-per-view and subscription business models.

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