Advanced Television

Telegent roadmap for mobile TV

September 27, 2010

Telegent Systems has outlined its roadmap for driving new industry standards for best-in-class picture quality, system cost and power consumption in the analogue TV receiver market.  Telegent’s roadmap builds on its market leadership position, with the company having shipped more than 90 million free-to-air mobile TV chips into handsets sold globally since pioneering the technology in mid-2007.

Key elements underlying Telegent’s 12-month roadmap include:
– Continuous development of advanced algorithms that improve picture and audio quality
– Continuous improvements to system design that reduce the number and cost of required external components
– Continuous migration to smaller process geometries that reduce system size and power consumption
Expansion of supported TV standards
– Ongoing investment in new architecture that leapfrogs existing cost and picture quality standards
– Addition of features and software that improve the overall consumer experience and ease of use

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