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MediaCorp to launch interactive service

January 26, 2011

MediaCorp will be introducing a new interactive service in the second half of 2011, delivered over broadband connection and available on TV sets, PCs, tablet devices and mobile phones. The Asian service will offer content leveraging on MediaCorp’s TV, radio, print and online offerings as well as third party content.

Premium content includes ‘LIVE’ TV channels which are interactive, for example, popular Chinese dramas could have “behind the scenes” footage and synopsis layered over the pictures, and news programmes could have accompanying maps to aid viewers’ understanding of the story being presented.

MediaCorp CEO Lucas Chow says, “We want this service to be device agnostic so that our interactive TV experience goes beyond the TV set. We want users to enjoy this interactivity and stay engaged wherever they are, whether they are using a set-top box, or a phone or tablet. It will be an enriched experience like no other. Through this new offering, it helps our users live smart, stay entertained, informed and educated.”

More details of the service, such as pricing and subscription, will be announced over the next few months. Meanwhile, MediaCorp wants a collaborative approach to developing interesting TV applications.

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