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Oggle – The Smart TV

January 26, 2011

Having successfully launched their interactive Connected TV and STB platform last December at AppsWorld, UK based Green Button Media which has already received the thumbs up from major industry players, today reveals Oggle – the name for their platform’s consumer brand.

Green Button’s Founder and Chairman, Barry Rubery, believes Oggle can become the brand name on everyone’s lips when talking about and buying Connected TVs. “Viewers will definitely want to Oggle at their TV and the huge range of engaging features and content our innovative platform can bring.”
Crucially, while some other platforms are likely to delay their launch, TV manufacturers and own-brand retailers seeking to establish themselves firmly at the start of the new Connected TV market later this year can adopt the Oggle platform now.

Oggle has been developed by Green Button Media, led by visionary entrepreneur Barry Rubery. As co-founder of Pace Plc, he is already credited with revolutionising the digital TV industry when he launched the world’s first MPEG2 digital set top box in 1995. Now with the Oggle platform, he is at the forefront of leading another consumer electronics revolution. “The launch of Connected TV in the UK later this year will undoubtedly transform the television industry yet again” he comments.

Oggle uses the European open HbbTV standard but, unlike rival platforms operating restrictive ‘closed’ proprietary software systems, TV manufacturers and own-brand retailers adopting the Oggle platform will now be able to generate revenue from content available on their TVs. They will continue to ‘own’ viewing space on Connected TV ranges they make and sell, with long-term potential revenue streams from content including e-commerce sales, app downloads, Video On Demand services and more.

At the same time they will be able to promote their brand, alongside wider advertising space on Oggle’s innovative OPG (Online Programme Guide) homepage. With its revenue generating App Store, and a range of intuitive advanced functionalities as well as leading sports, games and media content, Green Button Media are confident they have developed not just a truly viewer-friendly platform package, but one that gives the industry what it needs too.

“Manufacturers and retailers are clearly recognising our platform as a really viable alternative to content and search engine based competitors and their closed software systems. Now with the announcement of our Oggle branding, savvy consumers who are becoming increasingly aware of what Connected TV can offer will be actively seeking TV sets and STBs that give them the truly enhanced, easy to use and viewer-friendly experience and content they expect.”

“Which will mean the ones featuring the Oggle platform!” added Barry Rubery.

“Choosing the right platform partner has never been so important. Oggle offers what viewers want now, without the risk of uncertainty or delays in getting to market for TV manufacturers and retailers.”
And with one further trick up their sleeve, unlike their main rivals, Green Button have also developed the platform using W3C ‘open standards’ ensuring, App developers and owners can quickly adapt them for use on Oggle enabled TVs.

“Whether viewers or the industry are calling it Connected TV, or Smart TV, if they are looking to truly get the most from all sorts of content, the platform they will both need to look out for is Oggle!” concluded Barry Rubery.

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