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APAC leads on IPTV

March 2, 2011

RNCOS reports Asia Pacific is clearly at the forefront of the IPTV movement. Several factors make Asia an attractive ground for IPTV service. For example, many countries in the region have robust broadband access networks boasting connection speeds higher than the rest of the world. The required infrastructure for IPTV service is already present. Besides, Asia is in a strong position relative to the rest of the world in terms of broadband connections. With a promising IPTV subscriber growth-taking place in countries including China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan; Asia Pacific is emerging as the second largest IPTV market in the world.

According to RNOCS research report “Global IPTV Market Forecast to 2014”, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to account for around 45 per cent of the global IPTV subscribers by 2014. As per the report, IPTV penetration in most of the Asian markets is below 10 per cent. Nonetheless, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Japan have witnessed significant improvements in IPTV penetration during the last two years, and show immense potential for IPTV to become a comparable pay TV platform.

At the country level, together with the fast expanding broadband infrastructure and decreases in service price, an expanding middle class is transforming China into the future IPTV dragon. Taiwan and Singapore have a relatively higher penetration of broadband and are pioneers in technology adoptions. Other markets including India, Malaysia, and Thailand are also fueling growth in the Asia/Pacific IPTV market. Additionally, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand are all expected to rollout IPTV services in near future.

According to our report, the service providers here offer bundled services, like Triple Play at a price that are lowest in the world and the population in this region is more open to new technologies. Besides these factors, the benefits provided by IPTV over traditional TV are pushing the number of IPTV subscribers up.

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