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TripleSEE – the innovative ‘next generation’ bid for local TV services

March 4, 2011

TripleSee is delighted to express its passionate interest in providing a new network channel to support local TV services in the UK. Led by a former BBC executive turned digital media entrepreneur, Simon Walker, TripleSEE is already establishing itself as the most innovative ‘one-stop-shop’ for content providers seeking to join the connected TV revolution, and we are now extending this proposition to the local television market. Bringing together three partners celebrated respectively for their unique understanding of the needs of local and regional content providers, their ‘next generation’ approach to production and broadcasting economics, and their entrepreneurial and deal-making acumen in digital media, TripleSEE takes an entirely novel approach to the challenge of providing critically acclaimed, commercially viable local TV services.

TripleSEE is a joint-venture between the founders of leading media innovators, Maidthorn Partners, award-winning digital broadcast, production & VOD group, Twofour, led by chief executive Mark Hawkins, and local digital media accelerators, New Media Partners, led by digital entrepreneur Danny Meaney.

The TripleSEE model envisages a national DTT network dedicated to localism, grassroots passions and the Big Society. Crucially, we will avoid the costly trap of adapting DTT for local opt outs, and instead run an unabashedly national service that celebrates localism. This LocalVision service will provide a shop window to a limitless range of emergent local IPTV services all hosted through our bespoke end-to-end IPTV and social media solution. Together this holistic local ecosystem offers a compelling audience experience coupled to attractive economics.

Simon Walker, co-Founder of TripleSEE, says: ‘TripleSEE believes that championing the idea of localism is as important to the success of the Local Media Action Plan as launching individual local TV services.  Britain has a long tradition of community-driven, grassroots movements linked to specific local areas but understood and respected across the nations and regions. It is our ambition to reflect the diversity of local communities all across the UK. In an update of the BBC’s grand mission for the World Service, TripleSEE envisages a UK where ‘locality shall speak peace unto locality’

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