Advanced Television set for MIPTV push

March 23, 2011

By Colin Mann

Ahead of this year’s MIPTV in Cannes early April, online TV broadcast platform is finalising several major deals aimed at consolidating the company’s position as a platform streaming both existing TV stations and brand new channels created specifically for the platform.

The online entertainment portal, which offers a service dubbed ‘virtual live cable television’ is also keen to hear from other content providers before and during Cannes. “Negotiations are already underway with several key traditional broadcast channels and archive owners ahead of a massive TV advertising campaign for this autumn,” revealed Director of Programming Gary Shoefield.

“The interest has already been beyond our wildest expectations and we are sure that trend will continue at MIPTV as firms up pay deals with existing channels on a subscription basis and new channels as part of split revenue deal. We are looking to hear from high profile television channels and archive owners who wish to join the channel list as distribution is everything,” he remarked.

“ provides a managed solution for cable system operators and brands wishing to enter this exciting new media space by providing a turnkey ‘white-label’ solution as we can license the FilmOn technology and content to third parties for their B2C sites,” explained founder Alki David. “We’re also initiating strategic partnerships with device makers and’s managed IPTV Platform can be licensed to broadcasters, brands, telecoms companies and multi system operators,” he said, adding that the deal FilmOn was offering also gave content providers the opportunity to have their own branded white label version of the HDi player developed for their own B2C sites.

David urged people to “forget Project Kangaroo, Project Canvas and the host of other antiquated and uncompetitive models that have been bandied about for accessing TV content online,” suggesting they get ready to sample the future, “because from now on the revolution will be televised online.”

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