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Espial browser for Hitachi connected TV

March 28, 2011

Espial, a specialist in On-Demand TV solutions, has confirmed that Hitachi is shipping their latest connected TV models into the Japanese market powered by the Espial TV Browser. Hitachi has incorporated the Espial TV Browser which is included in the following Connected TV models shipped to only Japanese market: Hitachi P42-XP07(PDP), P46-XP07(PDP), P50-XP07(PDP), L32-XP07(LCD), L37-XP07(LCD), and L42-XP07(LCD)

Working with Espial, Hitachi is the first manufacturer to ship a Connected TV in Japan. Espial TV Browser supports BML, AcTVila with full VOD download and VOD streaming capabilities, Yahoo Doga and Wooonet. In addition, users can input the URL so they can visit the website of their choice.

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