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Aurora Networks in China MoU

June 14, 2011

Optical transport solution provider Aurora Networks revealed at the NCTA Cable Show in Chicago that it has signed a memorandum of understanding for technical co-operation with Radio, Film and Television Design and Research Institute (DRFT). The institute is an organisation under China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).

The agreement is designed to allow both parties to mutually benefit from each other’s expertise and resources, further enabling the DRFT to design cutting-edge, next generation cable infrastructures to be deployed in the region.

Under the agreement, Aurora Networks and DRFT will develop a joint laboratory where the company will provide technical training on its fibre optic transmission systems through a classroom-like setting and hands-on lab sessions. During these sessions, DRFT engineers will gain knowledge and exposure to Aurora Networks’ technologies such as Fibre Deep, VHub, LcWDM, DWDM, RFoG, and GEPON.

Also under the agreement, Aurora Networks will provide counsel on future network design projects that the DRFT has identified. Based on the information DRFT provides, the company will generate network design recommendations to use as a prototype for DRFT’s cable operators to follow.

As part of an ongoing cross-cultural education between Aurora Networks and DRFT, the two parties will participate in exchange visits that will provide both parties the opportunity to further understand the operational aspects of cable operators in each other’s regions.

Xu Jiaqi, president of DRFT, said the “win-win” co-operation between Aurora Networks and DRFT would produce significant benefits in China’s next-generation network development.

DRFT is used as a resource by local cable operators for its expertise on China’s recent Three Network Convergence design, which integrates telecom, broadcasting and Internet on a single network.

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