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Nilesat warns errant religious channels

June 23, 2011

Middle East satellite operator Nilesat has had a long history with problem TV channels: for example, there were the ones selling expensive ‘medical’ solutions to male impotence, or the ones ‘guaranteeing’ huge cash prizes to lucky quiz winners.

Nilesat’s latest problems are a couple of channels (Wisal and Safa TV) that beam out sectarianism and attack the religious beliefs of others, without any attempt at impartiality.

In an official ultimatum, Nilesat warned the companies behind Wisal and Safa that according to the contracts in place between the two sides, the channels must comply with Nilesat’s demand to cease broadcasting programmes that breach the terms listed in the contracts. The ultimatum added that if the two channels continue their breach of the contracts by broadcasting offensive material, the broadcasting of the two channels will be ceased immediately and the contracts will be null and void.

Nilesat said they continued to receive many complaints about the two channels.

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