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Rovi, Toshiba TotalGuide Licence

July 12, 2011

Rovi Corporation and Toshiba Corporation have signed a multi-year agreement for use of Rovi TotalGuide and its interactive programme guide (IPG) patent portfolio in Toshiba televisions, Blu-ray players and recorders, as well as mobile and tablet devices in the United States and Europe, expected to be sold in Spring 2012.

Rovi TotalGuide unifies search, discovery and recommendations to provide consumers with one destination where they can access content seamlessly from the Internet and from broadcast services. In addition, Rovi and Toshiba will be working together to launch new interactive advertising capabilities on Toshiba devices with the TotalGuide, helping to expand the value to advertiser, and extend the reach to consumers on the Rovi Advertising Network.

“Rovi has unique solutions and essential intellectual property that are critical in bringing a simplified entertainment experience to consumers looking to access digital content of all types from a variety of sources,” said Mr. Hiyama, Chief Marketing Executive, Digital Products & Services Company, Toshiba Corporation.  “Our licence agreement with Rovi is an important piece in bringing content discovery to a new level for consumer enjoyment.”

In addition to the latest licensing agreement, Rovi is powering a number of other digital entertainment capabilities on Toshiba’s connected devices. The company’s RoxioNow entertainment platform is behind the recent launch of a new retailer-branded entertainment storefront on the Toshiba VX700 and WX800 3D series LED HDTVs, and DivX Certification helps the optimized playback of video content in the popular format.

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