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People prefer Super Bowl on TV to live

February 7, 2012

A poll conducted by website TechBargains shows that nearly six people in 10 preferred to watch the Super Bowl on a modern HD or Smart TV, rather than from the stands.

The poll found that 59 per cent preferred watching the game on a TV, and that 25 per cent of the site’s shopping visitors considered buying a new set to watch the games. 63 per cent of respondents also said they planned to spend more on their next TV than on the last television they bought.

The survey highlighted that 8 per cent of consumers were driven to buy TVs prior to the Super Bowl. Among those who bought a TV last year for the game, 58 per cent may buy another for this year’s Super Bowl. According to survey results 30 percent said they would buy a new set, and 28 per cent said they were considering a pre-Super Bowl purchase.

The new survey also ranked screen size as an important factor in fan enjoyment of the game. The research showed that 72 per cent of consumers believe the size of a TV impacts how positive the Super Bowl viewing experience is.

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