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Verimatrix and PHXX partner for secure OTT

February 28, 2012

PHXX, a platform development company, and Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services, have announced the integration of PHXX’s OTT services with the award-winning Video Content Authority System (VCAS) 3.

Integrating these two solutions will provide customers with a converged and secure OTT experience that can be deployed on at least 15 different devices types – with more on the way. Leveraging its ReachOTT platform, PHXX offers network operators the ability to enable a converged OTT experience across a broad range of connected TVs, PCs, smart phones and tablets.

PHXX President and CEO Shane Robinett said “Deploying this type of solution with PHXX underscores the maturing of OTT video services as they become more akin to traditional services — in quality, functionality and the consumer experience,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix. “As operators work to blend OTT into their traditional services offerings, companies like PHXX and Verimatrix stand ready to provide enhanced OTT security functionality and options in order to help them more effectively manage the delivery of premium service options to OTT devices.”

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