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Telus selects Witbe’s automated IPTV testing solution

February 29, 2012

Witbe, a developer of Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring solutions for service providers and enterprises, has announced that Telus has selected their technology to perform automated verification of new features and functionality for its Optik TV platform.

Due to the growth of the Telus Optik TV service and their quality objectives, the number and complexity of functional test cases has increased significantly. Furthermore, as Telus Optik TV set-top-Boxes (STBs) and service features become more sophisticated with interactive elements, testing time becomes more intensive and complicated. This may create a potentially heavy Quality Assurance (QA) workload before launch time. Witbe’s QoE technology will help ease that workload.

Before using Witbe’s technology, the Optik TV QA team at Telus performed these necessary repetitive tests manually, which was both time and labour intensive. Using Witbe’s automated test devices called Robots, which replicate the real-life actions of a TV viewer, the QA team is better able to:
– Automate feature test and functional regression test scenarios for Optik TV STBs
– Perform more complex and dynamic functional regression test scenarios
– Schedule automated testing to take place outside normal business hours
As a result, the certification time cycle was reduced enabling QA analysts more time to focus on other QA activities.

“Telus is pleased with how the Witbe Robots have simultaneously improved our QA process and boosted efficiency,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, Telus.

“Based on these positive results we will expand our partnership with Witbe and introduce further automation into our process as part of our continuous improvement cycle for product quality.”

“We are proud that Telus, one of our very first large-scale Canadian IPTV Service Provider customers, has chosen to trust our global testing and monitoring solution,” said Jean-Michel Planche, President of Witbe.

“The Witbe Robots are now a part of the Optik TV quality assurance processes. This technology will assist the Telus team as they continue to provide a quality IPTV service experience to all Telus Optik TV subscribers.”

Witbe Robots is the leading QoE solution able to test and monitor audio and video from behind Set-top boxes, residential gateways, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablet devices.

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