Advanced Television

Anevia and NXP Software enhance Quality of Service

April 16, 2012

With growing consumer demand for Over the Top (OTT) video services, Anevia and NXP Software have joined forces to create a multiscreen video streaming solution that enhances the user experience. Anevia is a leader in video streaming solutions and service infrastructure for live TV and video on demand. NXP Software is a leading provider of multimedia software for mobile devices and services. Their joint solution allows service providers to offer improved Quality of Service, as well as advanced features and multilingual support.

The solution consists of Anevia’s ViaMotion server software and NXP Software’s LifeVibes QuickPlayer video engine. Anevia ViaMotion repackages live and on-demand video content into a variety of HTTP adaptive bitrate streaming formats. It can ingest live multi-bitrate TS video streams from all the major video encoders. LifeVibes QuickPlayer is client-side software designed to enable viewers to access high quality video and audio content across a wide range of smart-phones and tablets.

By implementing Anevia ViaMotion and LifeVibes QuickPlayer as part of an end-to-end OTT video delivery infrastructure solution, service providers can improve overall QoS (quality of service). Advanced features include multilingual subtitles and closed captioning for mobile devices that support Apple HLS and Google Android. The joint NXP Software and Anevia solution also supports fast-channel switching, creating a viewing experience similar to traditional TV.

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