Spain: TV ad revenues free fall 18%

The Spanish TV advertising market continues in free fall. In the first quarter of the year, TV ad revenues fell by 17.7 per cent to €485.2 million with advert prices dropping to levels similar to those in 2003-2004.

Regional TV stations took the worst part of the TV ad revenues fall with a drop of 39.8 per cent (their ad market share stands now at only 7%) to €56.5 million at a time when the Government has paved the way for their privatisation or closure.

For national TV broadcasters the average fall was 15.4 per cent to €439.5 million with Mediaset, operator of Tele 5 and Cuatro, experiencing a 17.6 per cent drop to €213.8 million (a market share of 44.1 per cent) while Antena 3’s ad revenues fell by 6.6 per cent to €166.5 million, with a market share of 34.3 per cent. La Sexta’s ad revenues were also down 26.3 per cent to €51.0 million and a market share of 10.5 per cent.

Pay TV channels had their ad revenues cut by 17.2 per cent to €11.8 million and a market share of 2.4 per cent.

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