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72% of tablet owners “dual screen”

May 10, 2012

InMobi, the independent mobile advertising network, and Mobext, the mobile marketing network of Havas Digital, have released the results of their global consumer research into the use of tablet computers.

Media consumption in the UK is clearly changing, with comScore reporting 72 per cent growth in tablet ownership in the second half of 2011 alone. According to InMobi and Mobext’s research, 63 per cent of tablet users in the UK agreed that it is easier to access media content on a tablet than on a mobile or laptop/desktop. When asked about activities carried out on mobile devices, tablet users carry out an average of 3.9 activities given a list of six broad options in the last 30 days.  This was higher than both laptop (3.6) and smartphone (2.7) users.

The research also revealed that 72 per cent of respondents watch TV while using their tablet and a fifth of consumers stated that they watched more TV following a tablet purchase. Almost a third of current non-tablet owners said they were likely to purchase one in the next six months, further fuelling on-device purchasing.

John Stoneman, Sales Director EME at InMobi concludes: “Media consumption habits are indeed evolving, with digital consumers supplementing or even replacing time spent with traditional forms of media, such as print readership and much purchasing now happens in the home via a mobile device. The research shows there is a strong correlation between the use of tablet devices and TV viewing, with the UK showing the highest levels of ‘dual-screening’ across the globe. Considering the path to purchase point; tablets are being used to research and browse products; which is then followed by a decision to buy the product. Notably we discovered that when consumers shop on tablets, they spend more than on any other device.”

The global research indicated that tablet and smartphone users access media content on any device most frequently in several ‘snack’ sessions throughout the day, (58 per cent tablets, 56 per cent smartphones) with a continued appetite for enhanced or rich media.

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