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BlackArrow multiplatform Subscriber Information Service for addressable advertising

August 1, 2012

BlackArrow, a provider of advanced advertising solutions for New Television platforms, has announced the availability of a new Subscriber Information Service (SIS) product that enables pay TV operators to deploy advanced advertising and marketing campaigns across any platform against addressable audience segments.

Using the BlackArrow Subscriber Information Service, pay TV operators can enable advertisers to optimize campaigns by delivering only the most relevant messages to each audience segment. Operators also can utilize the BlackArrow SIS to ensure that marketing campaigns – including special pricing and other incentives — are delivered only to those subscribers who are eligible for the promotion.

Architected to aggregate disparate sources of anonymous subscriber information into a single view for addressable advertising execution, the BlackArrow SIS enables targeting based on such viewer-, household- or device-related data as geography, demographics, marketing segmentation, membership or service level. In addition, the product supports the capture and management of qualified audience lists that streamline sales, decision-making and execution processes. Further, the data stored in the BlackArrow SIS becomes the basis for detailed reporting on audience performance and inventory supply.

The SIS is a standards-based product designed to work within operators’ multiplatform, multi-device TV environments. Robust interfaces, including support for the SCTE 130-6 standard, allow the system to be used for linear, on-demand and interactive advertising, enabling pay TV operators to normalize subscriber information and audience reports across multiple platforms and formats.

“The Subscriber Information Service is a necessary component of any pay TV operator’s strategy for enabling addressability and the capture of large amounts of audience-related reporting data,” said Joe Matarese, CTO of BlackArrow. “Working with a large customer, we’re ensuring that the BlackArrow SIS can support large-scale production volumes while efficiently delivering addressable marketing and advertising campaigns across multiple platforms and devices.”

The BlackArrow SIS can be used both with the rest of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System or in conjunction with third-party advertising services.

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