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Apple fans want Apple TV

September 4, 2012

A survey by Quixel Research has found that 88 per cent of current Apple customers in the US would be interested in buying an Apple television. Furthermore, among non-Apple owners, 80 per cent of owners of a flat-panel TV say they’d be extremely, very or somewhat interested in an Apple TV.

“This potential Apple (interactive TV) would affect the whole ecosystem of the home, as well as the mobile device environment,” says Tamaryn Pratt, president of market researcher Quixel Research, which did the survey. “We wanted to hear from a consumer perspective.”

Consumers were asked how interested they would be in an Apple-branded TV that would be easy to use, have a simple interface, connect to other Apple products and have Apple-like design qualities. The survey is timely, with new product announcements expected from Apple this month.

Apple’s TV product since 2007 has been a $99 set-top box that works with iTunes and streams content from Web video providers. Pratt adds there’s lots of room for a better Web-enabled TV. About 30 per cent of those surveyed own smart TVs but use them mostly for one-time access to video such as movies.

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