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Aereo adds PC to streaming service

October 18, 2012

By Colin Mann

Notwithstanding its ongoing legal battles with US broadcasters who allege copyright infringement, online television service Aereo – which operates in the New York area – is now opening up the range of supported browsers that can access its remote antenna/DVR technology to include Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Aereo is now compatible with these browsers on Mac and Windows personal computers, providing consumers with even more choice on how and where they use Aereo. “The vast majority of American households own laptop or desktop computers – it’s only natural that we expand the universe of Internet browsers that can access Aereo,” said Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia. “New York PC users can now access our technology and the high-quality, live broadcast television experience that our current Aereo members have come to know and love. More flexibility, more choice and more devices mean a better overall experience for the consumer. Making that consumer experience the best that it can be – that’s our core focus.”

Aereo’s technology allows consumers to access live broadcast television on compatible Internet connected devices, at home, at work or on the go. In New York City, there are currently 29 broadcast channels available over-the-air, including major networks such as WABC, WNBC, WCBS, WNYW-FOX, WPIX-­11, WNET-­PBS, and PBS Kids, special interest channels such as NYC.GOV, NYC-­LIFE, Ion and Qubo, Spanish-­language broadcast channels such as MundoFox, Telemundo, Azteca, Telefutura, Univision, and other foreign language channels such as Sinovision, NTDTV and CGN-­TV.

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