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Duo County Telecom and United Communications select Mariner xVu to efficiently monitor Minerva/ADB TR-069 deployments

October 23, 2012

Mariner, a global expert in IP video service monitoring and troubleshooting technologies, have announced that Duo County Telecom of Jamestown, Ky., and United Communications of Langdon, N.D., have deployed the Mariner xVu suite of service monitoring products, including Mariner SupportVu, Mariner NetworkVu, and Mariner ReportVu. Duo County Telecom and United Communications are using Mariner’s award-winning Video Service Oriented Monitoring (vSOM) platform with Minerva and ADB TR-069 integrations. Leveraging Mariner xVu, Duo County and United Communications can proactively and efficiently confirm and isolate IPTV performance issues before they negatively affect the end user experience, ensuring subscribers enjoy the best quality of experience when watching TV.

“We deployed Mariner xVu so we could provide the best quality IPTV experience for our customers,” says Mark Henry, Vice President of Operations, Duo County Telecom. “The solution helps us isolate any service interruptions and troubleshoot effectively — many times before customers even call the help desk.”

Duo County has already used NetworkVu to detect and confirm a fiber splice on a ring affecting approximately half of the provider’s TV channels. Real-time detection was possible thanks to dual triangulation capabilities that were performed simultaneously on network nodes and TV channels. Using ReportVu, both Duo County and United Communications can monitor IPTV service usage and performance. ReportVu demonstrates trends across various key performance indicators of overall IPTV service health and reduces churn by flagging at-risk customers.

“The Mariner xVu solution has minimized any rework that we’ve had to do in the past,” says Dennis Hansel, Assistant General Manager, United Communications. “We are easily able to monitor the quality of service delivered to our customers and respond much faster than before.”

SupportVu delivers real-time insight into IPTV performance in the home through an intuitive dashboard that offers a subscriber’s view of the service. Using SupportVu, United Communications quickly resolved a lingering service issue by pinpointing the exact Set-top boxes that were causing complaints in a hospitality complex.

“We are thrilled to be working with Duo County Telecom and United Communications,” says Curtis Howe, President and CEO of Mariner. “They are valuable partners and we are confident that Mariner xVu will continue to help them provide superior customer service while reducing their operating costs.”

Mariner xVu is the world’s most deployed monitoring solution, with 7 million devices under management 24/7, and service providers in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific markets.

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