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Thailand warns 33 satellite channels

February 6, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Thailand’s Food & Drug Administration has sent warning letters to 33 satellite channels saying they must stop airing “exaggerated” advertisements.  The channels must immediately stop airing the commercials, or else face fines and potentially imprisonment.

301 channels were officially licensed (mostly with straightforward renewals) only last week by Thailand’s National Broadcasting & Telecommunications Commission, although there are reportedly another 341 awaiting licensing.  According to the NB&TC there are more than 1000 channels broadcasting either on satellite or cable.

The eight channels that have been licensed, and issued warning letters, include BOX Film, BaoJai Channel, OHO Channel, KM Channel, Hit Station, Hit Square, 40-50 Channel and Monkol Channel.

The other 25 identified as causing problems are: MV Hi, MV Porjai, Nice Channel, MV Grand, MV Gift, MV MV5, MV OK TV, Chokdee TV, MV Mystery, MV TV5, Central Channel, DooDee TV, MV Variety, BKK TV, Zbb Channel, P&P, Health Plus, Pleonjai Channel, MV Share, Service 23, TV Pool, True Vision, My TV, Shop&Show and K Station.

Supinya Klangnarong, an NBTC member and chairwoman of its consumer rights protection committee, said that the eight operators must immediately comply with the Food Act and Drug Act by stopping broadcasts of such illegal advertising.

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