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Ooyala personalised channels 

March 27, 2013

Ooyala has announced its newest advances in multi-screen video technology for broadcasters and media companies.  The new products include:

– Ooyala Discovery Guide , for personalised programming guides that blend live and VoD content
– Hook, a mobile video playback application simplifies distribution to nearly all Android devices
– Ooyala XTV Connect for playback of video discovered on mobile devices via connected TVs
– Ooyala Rights Locker for managing entitlements for linear and VoD content on a per-user basis

Building on the success of Ooyala Discovery, launched in 2012, Ooyala Discovery Guide is a significant step forward enabling media companies to blend linear, live and on-demand content into an integrated, engaging guide experience. Ooyala Discovery represents a unique data-driven approach to engagement and revenue optimisation that has been proven with customers to advance key business goals such as driving usage, increasing ad completions and improving ad fill rates.

Bringing the traditional grid-like TV programming guide into the new millenium, Ooyala Discovery Guide uses programme schedules, behavioural data, content metadata, explicit user input and editorial controls to provide a personalised channel lineup. Ooyala’s Discovery technology uses real-time analytics and patented optimisation algorithms to provide up-to-the-minute recommendations of the content the viewer is most likely to watch. In addition, Ooyala Discovery Guide includes a watch-later queueing functionality so viewers can select the programming they wish to keep on a personal playlist.

Media companies with large content libraries can Discovery Guide to construct personalised channels that are unique to each individual viewer. Discovery Guide is designed to increase engagement and optimise revenue through personally relevant, TV-like experiences that blend together on-demand and scheduled content. Ooyala Discovery is already delivering an average 30 percent lift for current customers, and now with Discovery Guide, Ooyala is bringing this optimisation capability to live content.

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