Samsung acquires MOVL

Samsung has acquired up MOVL, a company known for smart TV games and its TV app development platform.

Samsung acquired the Atlanta-based startup last month but hasn’t been reported until now. Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed.

A MOVL spokesperson released the following statement:  “In April 2013, two years after inception, MOVL has officially joined forces with Samsung. We are now a part of Samsung Electronics, and we are ,excited to combine our multi-screen capabilities with Samsung’s scale and innovation in its device ecosystem.”

MOVL has developed a number of second-screen games for connected TVs, including PokerFun, which lets users play poker on the TV while displaying the cards they are holding on their smart phones, and WeDraw, a social drawing game for Samsung smart TVs and Google TV devices.

The company also built a second-screen development platform dubbed MOVL Connect that simplifies the process of developing these kinds of multi-screen applications.

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