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Cameron-Pace win 3D sports EMMY

May 10, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Coverage of this past winter’s ‘X Games 16’ from Aspen, Colorado, has won a Sports EMMY for the Jim Cameron- Vince Pace technical team. The EMMY award was given in New York to Cameron-PaceGroup (CPG) for their work in capturing the event in 3D for ESPN’s 3D channel.

The award (for Outstanding Technical Team Remote) recognised Cameron-Pace’s coverage with 34 cameras in 6 different event locations many of which were higher than 9,000 ft. Five different 3D camera rigs were used ranging from 3D handhelds to robotic units, and in many cases using what is now termed 5D (2D and 3D from the same camera rig).

CPG received other EMMY sports nominations, including 2012 PGA Master Golf Tournament which was a joint transmission by CBS and ESPN.

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