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Rovi, SeaChange cloud guide

June 11, 2013

Rovi Corporation and SeaChange International are demonstrating an integrated guide and gateway built to the industry standard reference design kit (RDK) specification. By aligning Rovi TotalGuide with the SeaChange Nucleus Soft Box, the companies are demonstrating a solution that incorporates an HTML guide rendered by a WebKit browser that could be rapidly deployed in RDK-based gateways and set-top boxes, independent of the set-top hardware manufacturer.

RDK is an open-source, standardised specification set to promote the compatibility of different technology components as they are being developed for next-generation cable and IP-enabled gateways and set-tops. The standard has been adopted by major cable operators to shorten the development and go-to-market cycle for cable equipment.

“Operators will thrive on a flexible software platform that’s totally unconstrained by hardware decisions,” said Shiva Patibanda, General Manager, In-Home Business, SeaChange. “SeaChange’s Nucleus software for media gateways and IP clients utilises the standardisation around RDK while innovating in ways that allow operators to radically enhance subscriber experiences throughout the home. By aligning with Rovi’s TotalGuide, we can enable operators to deliver integrated home media experiences.”


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