Tesco’s Comish: 2nd phase of Internet TV ‘revolutionary’

According to Michael Comish, CEO, Tesco Digital Entertainment, although the Internet is having a profound effect on many industries, it has not yet had a meaningful effect on television.

He told delegates at the IEA Future of Broadcasting Conference in London that the first phase of Internet-delivered TV had seen the demise of psychical retailers and the rise of new entrants such as Tesco’s blinkbox service and LOVEFiLM.

“The second phase will see a revolution of the TV interface and ingrained social and will have a greater impact on the traditional players,” he predicted. Audiences for quality live programming would prosper, but there would be diminishing audiences for smaller, unexceptional channels and programmes. “Market growth will come from new entrants such as Tesco and LOVEFiLM.”

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