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Ensequence launches AdConneqt+

September 19, 2013

Ensequence, a supplier of advanced television advertising products and services, is launching AdConneqt+, a new US platform for  interactive TV advertising.  By allowing programmers to offer an interactive upgrade to 30-second ad inventory, AdConneqt+ enables viewers to instantly respond to national advertisers’ 30-second spots with a few clicks of the remote control, enhancing the ads’ effectiveness by providing measurable engagement data, delivering improved accountability and providing advertisers highly qualified leads. With deployment across cable, satellite, telco television distributors and Smart TVs, AdConneqt+ has the potential to reach over 75 million television households – essential scale for any national advertiser.

Ensequence has added new senior staff with significant interactive advertising experience to ensure the success of AdConneqt+.  Former Cablevision Media Sales President/COO David Kline was named Ensequence Chief Operating Office in August.  At Cablevision, Kline oversaw local, regional and national advertising businesses and pioneered many of the interactive advertising products available locally today.  Industry veteran Roger Demuth has re-joined Ensequence bringing many years of interactive television experience, including executive positions at itaas and ThirdWave in addition to his prior stint at Ensequence.  As vice president of engineering at Ensequence, Demuth recruited and placed the current technology management staff.   In his current role, Demuth will lead the Ensequence development, engineering, services and quality assurance teams in the execution of new product and service launches.  Also recently joining the company is Gary Perrelli, formerly Vice President, National Accounts and Affiliate Advertising Sales for the Disney and ESPN Media Networks, who will lead efforts with major programmers to develop compelling interactive TV experiences across various distribution platforms.

Ensequence COO David Kline added, “Television advertisers have long wanted to find a way to make their $75 billion annual investment in national campaigns more effective. By combining the power of television on a nationwide scale with the functionality, engagement metrics and stronger accountability measures of digital interactive advertising, AdConneqt+ will empower traditional 30-second ads to do more.”

Ensequence will launch AdConneqt+ in the first quarter of 2014 with an array of partners,  including cable operators, satellite providers,  telco distributors  and Smart TV manufacturers.  These initial partners will be announced during the 4th quarter of 2013.

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