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34% of millennials don’t watch any broadcast TV

October 11, 2013

watch-tablet-ipadThirty-four per cent of millennials surveyed watch mostly online video or no broadcast television at all, according to research from The New York Times.

The term “Millennials” generally refers to the last generation born before the end of the twentieth century in the years covering around 1980 to 2000.

The survey of more than 4,000 online video users in the US also found:

– News sites were more popular than sports for online-video watchers, but they were far less popular than video hosting sites like YouTube.

– Users reported spending the most time with funny videos, movie clips, music videos and then news.

– When it came to a choice between reading the news or watching a news video, 50 per cent said they’d choose the latter if they wanted to be entertained.

– And 59 per cent said they’ll likely watch pre-roll ads if they know they won’t have to wait long for their content.

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