Advanced Television

Japan commits to 8K/Super Hi-Vision

March 18, 2014

By Chris Forrester

While many of the world’s leading TV companies start thinking about transmitting 4K/Ultra-HD-1 as the industry’s ‘next step’ in its evolution from black & white, to colour, to digital TV and high-definition TV, it seems the Japanese remain committed to their Super Hi-Vision/8K broadcasts.

A statement from Japanese public broadcaster NHK on March 17 stated again that it was readying for test transmissions in 8K to start in 2016, “and full broadcasting service in 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.” NHK says there is an air of heightened anticipation for the evolution of a broadcasting style that gives an elevated sense of reality in various genres, such as sport, live music, film and drama. “8K is the next step in this evolution,” says NHK.

To showcase its emerging technology NHK says it will install a 350” cinema-style screen at the upcoming NAB broadcasting technology show in Las Vegas (April 7-10), complete with 22.2 channel sound.

NHK says it will be showcasing the latest 8K cameras, including its 8K ‘Cube’ camera which weighs in at just 2 kgs.

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