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Civolution’s SyncNow for Talpa

April 7, 2014

Civolution, a provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetising content, has announced that Talpa has licensed its SyncNow Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology and can now use SyncNow in all its TV formats requiring a synchronised second screen experience and deliver it along with the format and app to its broadcaster clients.

The first deployment taking advantage of the agreement is the “What Do I Know” (“Weet ik veel”) format licensed to multiple territories. “What Do I Know” is a fast-paced quiz show where three national celebrities battle each other in a wide range of general knowledge questions to win a cash prize for deserving individuals. The show, which lends itself perfectly to engaging second screen interactions, enables viewers to play along by answering a number of questions via the show’s second screen app, developed by Amsterdam-based second screen specialist ExMachina. The synchronisation is fully leveraging Civolution’s SyncNow ACR solution, allowing for real-time and precise interaction with the live broadcast.

“At Talpa we want to be able to offer the full package to our broadcaster customers, the show format and the synchronised companion app,” said Igor Milder, Managing Director of Talpa Connect. “When we started looking for an ACR solution it turned out that Civolution’s SyncNow technology was already the technology of choice by many broadcasters, which made it a really easy choice for us. By enabling true integration of the second screen with TV programming, we are offering the chance for the public to be part of the show and for us and broadcasters to be at the forefront of the second screen TV revolution. We are now looking forward to developing further formats with second screens in mind.”

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