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Humax launches new-look Freeview+ HD box

July 24, 2014

Humax, the digital set-top box provider, has launched its latest Freeview+ HD box, offering a cheaper option for subscription-free access to all Freeview TV and radio channels, advanced recording features and HD channels. The Humax HDR-1800T, priced at £149.99, is available to buy from retailers including John Lewis, Tesco, Currys PC World, Argos, Euronics and a range of independents.

The Humax HDR-1800T introduces a new design for the Humax set-top box range. It is the most compact Freeview digital TV recorder to date, offering the ability to watch and record over 50 Freeview channels and access all of the HD channels from BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

The HDR-1800T provides instant pause and rewind functionality and advanced recording features, including series linking and trailer booking. Twin tuners allow two channels to be recorded at the same time and the built-in 320GB hard drive can store up to 200 hours of standard definition programmes and 80 in HD.

The box seamlessly connects to any home network to allow sharing of photos and videos to the TV screen from a PC or laptop. Viewers can also access BBC iPlayer and YouTube through the Humax TV Portal when the box is connected to a broadband network. In addition, the new pay-TV streaming service VuTV will become available on the HDR-1800T in late summer to offer an array of additional channels including Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

Graham North, Commercial Director of Humax, commented: “The new style and compact size of the Humax Freeview HDR-1800T makes this new set-top box a discreet yet powerful addition to the living room. It’s ideal for those cost-conscious consumers looking for fantastic HD content and recording abilities, all at an affordable price point.”

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