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upc cablecom: Over 180,000 Horizon customers

August 6, 2014

upc cablecom has reported that the number of television customers dropped slightly in H1: as of June 30th 2014 the Swiss cableco had 1,415,300 active digital basic connections (- 6,400 in the second quarter) and thus remains the biggest television provider in Switzerland by a clear margin. The multimedia platform Horizon, combining TV, Internet and telephony in one device, is continuing to perform well with currently in excess of 180,000 Horizon customers. The total number of all subscriptions (TV, Internet and fixed network telephony) grew by 43,200 to 2,581,800 in the past six months.

For the first time, the Liberty Global subsidiary has attracted more than 700,000 Internet customers. The growth in the number of customers has also boosted revenue, which increased by a healthy CHF 19.2 million (+ 6.3 per cent) to CHF 324.8 million in the second quarter compared with the previous year. The company has never before experienced such high quarterly revenue.

upc cablecom’s modern and powerful glass fibre optic cable network allows all customers within its footprint to enjoy digital television in high definition without a set-top box and the fastest Internet speeds. More and more people want to benefit from this impressive Internet experience at attractive prices. In the first six months of this year, upc cablecom recorded 36,700 new Internet subscriptions, 25,100 of which were between April and June alone. The company now boasts 700,500 Internet connections.

Eric Tveter, CEO of upc cablecom, commented: “Continued customer growth shows that our company offers powerful and modern products at attractive prices, as well as solid and first-rate service levels. These are well received on a broad scale,” said Tveter, who has further plans for customers in the second half of 2014: “In the coming months we will bring customers even more value and even more entertainment.”

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