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Reuters TV direct to consumer

October 6, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Reuters is already in the news and video news-gathering business, but next year it will introduce a direct-to-consumer news service, Reuters TV, according to the company.  The plan is seen as a response to emerging news suppliers such as Vice TV, although will remain very much focussed on hard news.

Trade mag AdAge is reporting that Reuters TV will be an advertising supported digital service ‘broadcasting’ initially to iPhones and iPads. Evidently there will be a “low” monthly fee, although no sum has actually been mentioned.  However, users will be able to receive a ‘personalised’ stream of video content generated by Reuters.

Reportedly Reuters TV will customise the news package to include live events and take advantage of its global news bureaux and resources.

Reuters say that unlike other news channels they will not be dependent on existing broadcast legacy. “The pace of change has been incredible in TV, but it hasn’t manifested itself in TV news,” said Isaac Showman, managing director, Reuters TV, told AdAge.

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