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Easel TV adds HbbTV and Amazon Fire

November 17, 2014

Easel TV, the multi-screen video software company, has launched a new version of its Suggested TV video platform with enhanced web based publishing and service management tools. The service, which is used by Curzon and All3Media, allows consumers to buy a film or programme on a range of devices and instantly see and pick up from partially viewed programmes or films on all devices. The service is also now extended to include HbbTV and Amazon Fire.

Recent additions to Easel TV’s cloud-based Suggested TV platform include an:
•      Enhanced Metadata Manager to enable clients to change and enrich the information driving the video service
•      Commercial Management tools to manage pricing, price banding and release windows
•      Enhanced Account Management features to manage entitlement windows, more detailed individual viewing statistics and commercial and credit history.
Easel TV’s Suggested TV service already offers customers a range of features including multi-screen billing and bookmarking and the ability to buy a film on a range of devices and instantly see their entitlements on all devices, pick up from where they left off and maintain their own personal library of acquired video. Customers may discover films on one device (such as a tablet or smart phone) and then watch on a different device (such as a smart TV).
The new Suggested TV service is being used by Curzon for its Curzon Home Cinema service. The Curzon service, launched in May, brings cinematic releases, day and date, into the living room and is changing the model of independent cinema distribution in the UK.
The service is currently available on many big screen devices including UK broadcast TV platforms, smart TVs, tablets and streaming devices with the most recent additions to the service including HbbTV and Amazon Fire TV.

Easel TV will be speaking and demonstrating Suggested TV and the Curzon Home Cinema service at the OTT World Summit in London on 20 November.

Bill Scott, Chief Operating and Commercial Officer, Easel TV commented: “The release of our web based tools for Suggested TV brings simple real time editorial control of cloud based video streaming services to device players for any content provider. We are removing the complexity and cost of having a video store or brand video channel whilst providing the capability to keep it constantly updated, fresh and exciting.”

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