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BBC details BBC3 online only plan

December 5, 2014

By Colin Mann

The BBC Trust has now received detailed proposals from the BBC Executive to close BBC Three as a broadcast channel and re-invent it as an online only proposition. Alongside this, the Executive also propose launching a BBC One+1 channel, extending the hours for CBBC and enhancing BBC iPlayer.

The Trust  confirmed the proposals represent a significant change to the UK public services, and in its regulatory role the Trust is therefore required to conduct a public value test, including a public consultation, so licence fee payers, audience groups and industry stakeholders have an opportunity to have their say on the proposals.

The Trust and Ofcom will now agree terms of reference for the Market Impact Assessment (MIA) to be conducted by Ofcom, and the Public Value Assessment (PVA) to be conducted by the Trust. The Trust will also prepare a service description, which sets out in detail the Executive proposals and serves as a basis for the assessment.

A public consultation on the proposals will begin in January 2015. At the launch of the assessment and consultation, the Trust will publish on its website as much relevant information on the proposal as possible, including the application from the Executive, the service description prepared by the Trust Unit and an indicative timetable for the process.

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