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Visiware launches enriched e-commerce advertising with Rue de Commerce

December 17, 2014

Visiware, the global leader in 2nd screen solutions, with more than 3,000 shows produced in 25 countries, and Rue de Commerce, an e-commerce destination, have announced the launch of a new interactive advertising format. Visiware’s Sync2Ad platform delivers enriched advertising to television viewers and radio listeners through synched ads on mobile devices. Using the Sync2Ad platform from Visiware, the Rue de Commerce experience is one of the first true synched 2nd screen ad engagements.

Using the Visiware Sync2Ad platform, Rue de Commerce users who have downloaded a compatible app – including the Rue de Commerce app – can engage with rich animation and graphic content which are synchronized using sound from ads running on radio or television. In the latest Samsung Note 4 smartphone TV ad, the spot makes viewers want to learn more about the product and, with a single click, Rue de Commerce offers additional product information instantly, including test benches, promotions, games, and more.

“Our collaboration with Rue de Commerce enables us to deliver our Sync2Ad technology into a dynamic e-commerce environment, across all channels. The solution is an answer to the needs generated by new television and mobile usage behaviors,” said Laurant Weill, Executive Chairman of Visiware. “Our alliance with Rue de Commerce represents a step forward in the e-commerce marketplace.”

According to GfK’s Connected Consumer research (September 2014), 64% of TV viewers use a 2nd screen while watching television. Of these dual screeners, 38% would like advertising to be better targeted and 24% would like to be able to purchase products directly from their devices. Smartphones and tablets have radically changed TV consumption and online purchasing behaviors. Marketing had to accompany this revolution in order to enhance and better inform the consumer, eventually linking brand, retailer and consumer. This link has now been created with Visiware’s Sync2Ad technology.

“This partnership with Visiware, is a logical milestone in Rue de Commerce’s pioneering spirit. For more than 15 years, we have consistently sought to renew the way people think about our clients’ e-commerce experiences, and our work with Visiware enhances our reach and engagement with our audience,” said Albert Malaquin, CEO of Rue de Commerce. “Innovation is what we are all about, and we are particularly proud to be the first on the market to offer this technology to our consumers.”

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