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Motive adds Chromecast to TabletTV

January 19, 2015

By Colin Mann

Pay-TV technology specialist Motive Television is to begin integrating Google’s Chromecast technology into Motive’s TabletTV apps.

This will make it possible for TabletTV users who have the popular Chromecast thumb-sized media streaming devices to send what they are viewing on their tablets directly to the home TV screen. When using TabletTV and Chromecast, TabletTV users will need to use the Home Network feature.

The new functionality will become available during the next two months via an update to the TabletTV app. This capability will work with the existing apps for iPads as well as the upcoming ones for Android tablets.

Once implemented, TabletTV will be shown on the ‘Featured’ tab on Google’s Chromecast app website. is one of the first results that show up when users search for Chromecast. Opportunities also exist for the co-promotion and bundling of TabletTV with Chromecast in the future.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive, said the company was thrilled to partner with Google in adding Chromecast to TabletTV, especially as it had sold in the millions and was the top selling device on Amazon. “This exciting development is an example of the huge potential of TabletTV to partner with major technology and television platforms to create a better, more flexible, high-value experience for the consumer. This is just the first of our anticipated strategic and product cooperation agreements with industry players that will benefit TabletTV customers,” he declared.

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