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UAE clamps down on satellite dishes

February 4, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Abu Dhabi is again getting tough on the installation of satellite dishes in the capital city. Current regulations permit up to four dishes on a building or house rooftop.

The problem is that many buildings have older – and large – C-band dishes as well as a proliferation of Ku-band dishes for Arabsat, Nilesat and other satellite platforms, and each will point in a different direction.

The Abu Dhabi municipality is reminding residents and landlords that they risk random visits from the authorities and removal of the excess dishes. The rules say that owners must avoid placing dishes on building tops and walls of domestic gardens. The notice also prohibits hanging connection cables on building facades in a manner that is visible to the public.

“If the antennas are installed directly on the floor of the roof, they can corrode waterproofing material. This can then cause rainwater and other liquids to leak into apartments on the top floor,” Ahmad Al Mazroui, director of external centres at the municipality, said.

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