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Oxygen Broadband adopts Ikanos Fusiv Vx585 processor

April 22, 2015

Ikanos Communications, a provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the connected home, has announced that Oxygen Broadband, a provider of broadband gateways to the residential and SOHO/SME markets, has adopted the Ikanos Fusiv Vx585 gateway processor to further extend the capabilities and performance of its next-generation multiGateway and miniOffice platforms. The new gateways are expected to reach the market later this year. The current generation of Ikanos-based Oxygen Broadband gateways are already shipping in multiple regions in Europe.

Oxygen Broadband is currently shipping Ikanos’ Vx185 gateway processor in its existing platform, which, with its powerful acceleration processor subsystem, supports aggregate data rates of up to 200Mbps of wireless broadband access, while providing full-rate vectoring VDSL connectivity. With the adoption of the new Vx585 processor, next-generation Oxygen platforms can push this rate up to 400Mbps, supporting a wide range of LTE broadband access up to Category 7.

“We’re seeing a healthy wave of demand for broadband access technology that carriers can deploy to meet the requirements of their connected-home customers,” said Teresa Mastrangelo, Principal Analyst, Broadbandtrends.  “At the same time, that technology must help carriers differentiate their service mix, in part to maintain subscriber loyalty.  In that light, the partnership of Oxygen Broadband and Ikanos in developing a high-performance dual-mode DSL and LTE gateway offering is a positive development for both carriers and customers.”

The Vx500 product family consists of high-performance gateway processors with a dual-core CPU subsystem and multi-threading functionality for carrier and OEM applications, up to 11GHz of acceleration processing to enable gigabit Ethernet and WiFi data rates, carrier-grade VoIP, QoS, and security, as well as a rich set of networking interfaces to enable a wide range of connected-home applications. The flexibility and high performance of Ikanos’ Vx500 processor family make it an ideal platform for carriers and OEMs to build a single gateway solution that can be leveraged into multiple deployment scenarios and new subscriber services, including the emerging trends around hybrid wireline-wireless broadband access.

“The sheer number and types of devices that can connect to the Internet via the home gateway are driving demand for higher gateway performance through the roof,” said Konstantinos Boutsinis, CEO of Oxygen Broadband s.a. “At the same time, DSL, in combination with LTE, has created a potent access technology solution to meet the requirements for multi-services, ‘IoT-ready’ gateways. Ikanos’ Vx585 processor is designed to deliver superior multi-mode gateway flexibility and speed, enabling our next-generation gateway platform to address our customers’ increasing demand for high speed and reliable broadband connectivity.”

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to extend our partnership with Oxygen Broadband to include our new high-performance Vx500 family,” said Kourosh Amiri, vice president of marketing at Ikanos. “Oxygen Broadband and Ikanos have enjoyed a lengthy partnership. And now our efforts to define the next-generation, scalable ultra-broadband gateway will help Oxygen Broadband retain its position as the premier supplier of multiGateway and miniOffice solutions to carriers in their target regions in EMEA.”

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