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Ikanos and ASSIA demonstrate solution for accelerating commercial deployment of vectored networks

September 21, 2011

Ikanos Communications, a provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the digital home, has expanded its partnership with ASSIA, the leading provider of high-performance Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) software tools, to simplify the commercial deployment of service provider networks employing the latest ITU-T standard – G.Vector. The result is reliable 100 megabit per second (Mbps) performance over traditional copper telephone lines.  By working together, Ikanos and ASSIA are creating an ecosystem for service providers around the world that enables new bandwidth-intensive services and streamlines “time to revenue” on vectored networks. A demonstration of the combination of Ikanos’ NodeScaleT Vectoring and ASSIA’s DSL ExpresseR will be held at Broadband World Forum, September 27 to 29, in Paris, France.

“Over time, the vast majority of VDSL networks will be vector enabled, and Ikanos’ NodeScale Vectoring is the critical component for enabling these large, high-speed networks.  In addition, ASSIA provides the ideal management interface for those networks,” said Kevin Fisher, vice president, advanced DSL technology, Ikanos. “Service providers around the world are demanding the ability to quickly, easily, cost-effectively and broadly deploy breakthrough vectoring technology. The combination of Ikanos and ASSIA technologies makes that a reality.”

Ikanos NodeScale Vectoring

Ikanos’ state-of-the-art NodeScale Vectoring technology virtually eliminates the crosstalk that occurs on copper wire across an entire node – up to 384 ports. By identifying and canceling crosstalk interference, independent of binder, cable or chassis, NodeScale Vectoring, which is completely G.Vector compliant, increases robustness and reliability, resulting in dramatically increased broadband throughput speeds up to 100 Mbps performance and beyond over existing copper networks. With NodeScale Vectoring, service providers can easily extend very high-speed Internet access and new critical services such as multiple high-definition television streams, distance learning, video conferencing, telemedicine, and more, without having to incur the high costs of installing complete fiber-to-the-home networks.

“Ikanos NodeScale Vectoring chip is a clear market leader that has earned broad service-provider acceptance for large-scale high DSL performance,” said John Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of the Board, ASSIA. “ASSIA’s DSL Expresse software management products, which leverage state-of-the-art Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) technologies, enable service providers easy vectored DSL introduction and subsequent high-performance retention through rapid and continuous wide-scale surveillance and pre-emptive correction of high-speed copper-line noise and line changes at the vectored DSL’s very high data rates.”

ASSIA Software Solutions

ASSIA enables DSL service providers to attain the levels of performance and stability required for next-generation services, such as IPTV, while leveraging existing copper infrastructure. Its flagship product, ASSIA DSL ExpresseR, helps extend the rate and reach of DSL systems and is used by major telecommunication service providers around the world to deliver affordable, high-speed broadband services. ASSIA DSL Expresse is the industry’s first DSL management platform to incorporate DSM Level 2, a next-generation technology for DSL network optimization pioneered by ASSIA, and debut DSM level 3 capabilities as part of the joint Ikanos – ASSIA demonstration at BBWF.

Joint Demonstration at Broadband World Forum

Broadband World Forum is the premier event for the telecommunications industry. Ikanos and ASSIA will showcase their joint solution for NodeScale Vectored networks at the event from September 27 – 29, 2011.

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