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DNS:NET selects Metrological for TV App Store

June 9, 2015

DNS:NET, a German Carrier and IPTV operator, has selected Metrological’s Application Platform to launch and manage its branded TV app store including German HbbTV apps, as part of the DNS:NET TV platform. This new DNS:NET interactive TV platform will start its rollout this summer.

DNS:NET began as a regional provider and is now one is the largest VDSL providers in Germany. The DNS:NET app store and HbbTV third party apps will be available on set-top boxes, smart TVs, mobile devices and tablets with the launch of its interactive video experience. Using a cloud-based app framework approach, DNS:NET can rapidly launch a TV app store with complete management tools and access to more than 250 apps with an open SDK to develop future apps.
“Our customers want access to content that reflects their own unique interests and preferences, no matter the type of content or access point,” said Alexander Lucke, CEO of DNS:NET. “It is important that our video experience is different, offering a “wow” factor for potential TV customers. With the Metrological Application Platform we can incorporate all forms of content, including third party HbbTV apps, no matter what device the consumer chooses to use. Metrological was able to integrate OTT with broadcast content and already had a big inventory of TV and video apps available in an integrated video experience available on any screen.”


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