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BBC Global News via virtual reality

June 19, 2015

Using the latest in virtual reality technology, BBC Global News is launching a new interactive trade campaign to showcase how it delivers personal, portable and on-demand news for the digital age.

Be Everywhere, which will premiere at Cannes Lions next week in the BBC World News pop-up studio space, illustrates the innovative, digital opportunities available to advertisers in a new and unique way.

Using direct mail, bespoke Be Everywhere virtual reality viewers are on their way to all corners of the globe so targeted potential and current clients can explore a fully immersive 360 video experience.

Armed with the Be Everywhere smart phone app (available via the Apple App store and Google Play store) and their viewer, people can join presenter Babita Sharma in a virtual studio.  The 360 experience means viewers can have a peak behind the scenes as Babita demonstrates the brand’s digital products and the advertiser benefits.

Launching the campaign, Chris Davies, Sales & Marketing Director, BBC Global News Ltd, said: “We know more than half of the BBC’s online traffic comes via mobile and tablet devices and with now reaching a global audience of over 80 million unique browsers per month, that’s a huge opportunity for our clients. The ethos of Be Everywhere is digital innovation in all aspects of our work and I am delighted we are bringing this campaign to life in such a unique way. Exploiting developing technologies in this manner really illustrates our digital offer, demonstrating first-hand what the BBC can do. Whether it’s content that works seamlessly across devices or precise audience targeting, the campaign shows our dynamic and innovative approach for both audiences and advertisers alike and showcases how we are staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing media landscape.”

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